For the fun of Flying

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Whitecourt COPA Flight 185

C.O.P.A. (Canadian Owners and Pilots Association)

The Edson Flying club in partnership with the Whitecourt Flying Club COPA flight 185 is proud to announce the next COPA for kids event will be held September 24 2016 (Saturday) 9:00am at the EDSON airport.

Registration is now FULL / CLOSED
Regular meetings held on the Third Tuesday of each month, 7:00pm Whitecourt Airport flying club building. EXCEPT for DECEMBER.

You have always wanted to fly...

Come join us at our monthly meeting to meet local pilots, and maybe even hop in a plane for a quick flight across the countryside.

Thanks to Hollywood blockbusters, many people have the impression that flying is a skill reserved only for the best of the best… the elite "Top Guns" of the world. Take my word for it, if I can get a pilot's license, pretty much anyone can.
It does take a certain amount of time and dedication to complete the training, but with the proper discipline you will have no problem. I have flown across the entire Continent of North America and parts of Europe… believe it or not, the most beautiful scenery in the world is right here in Alberta, all within a half hours flight from Whitecourt.

Jonas Boll
Vice President Whitecourt Flying Club
Check out our club aircraft pricing. You can start flying this week!